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Favorite Tools

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Peach tree blossoms
I paused from weeding for a moment to stretch my legs and admire the warm spring day for which the birds have been singing their praises.  While I felt the breeze and listened, I could hear a soft hum coming from the back yard.  Following the sound, I arrived at my Pop's old peach trees which are full of blossoms.

A variety of bees were mobbing the blossoms creating quite a hum of Spring music!  It was a treat watching so many pollinators busily gathering in one place.  There was such a variety and the smallest bees and wasps were so fast, I had difficulty getting pictures.

Hover fly also known as a flower fly
It would be hard to pick a favorite bee. Bumblebees, being so bright and fuzzy, come a close second to my first choice, the honeybee.  Their honey sweetens my chamomile tea and their wax has many uses but, most importantly, they pollinate our food ensuring that we humans survive.  They are one of the natural indicators of the health of our environment.

It was uplifting to see this gathering and I was a good kind of tired so I stopped my work for the day leaving blooming dead nettle, purple creeping Charlie blossoms, and yellow dandelions for them to forage on, along with the peach blossoms.  Not that I could ever get caught up on my weeding anyway, but it can at least wait until the bees are finished with the blooms.

The forecast promises thunderstorms which will remove the last of the peach blossoms and set Old Man Winter up to heave a last gasp of freezing temperatures.  The honeybees will cluster in their hives and I'll bundle up and get some chores done. You gotta love Zone 6!

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